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2018 YEAR OF TROY / Ülgür GÖKHAN / Canakkale Mayor


Situated 30 km south of Çanakkale, the westernmost point of Asia and Anatolia, Troy is the prehistorical place in Anatolia where the very first excavation Works were held. The first excavation Works known in Troy started in 1863 uncovering and displaying its rooted legacy as well as its unique beauties while relating a dating back story layer by layer. The magnificence of the megarons, the building blocks of architecture, the surprising technical structure of the period and the sound of the past when flandering around the stone walls of Troy take us back to 5000 years ago and attracts our admiration again and again to this city that the winds rendered prosperous.

Dear Friends of Troy, this city which has been destroyed and rebuilt many times with an ongoing power and impact on civilizations even at times where it was destroyed, the imposing wind of Troy has carried this legendary tale from language to language, from time to time. Troy has also attracted the interest of those who have left profound traces and opened new eras in History like Alexander the Great, Mehmet the Conqueror and Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. Their discourses on Troy and the footprints thay left showed us how Anatolian Troy was.

Each and every corner of the Troas Region hosted by Çanakkale, is a unique ancient heritage and a priceless richness. One cannot be happier of hosting those cultural and historical values more precious than one another like Alexandria Troas, Apollon Smintheus, Parion, Neandria, Abidos, Lampsakos, Pegae, Assos and Ida…

The cultural and historical traces of Troy still continue their domination today on the lands where we live. I think that the most concrete examples to this are the pottery wheels. It is known that Troy is the place where the first pottery wheels were seen on the stage of History. Even more interesting is that the word  “chanak” meaning pottery, led the way to giving our city its name. Our city has been so loyal to its historical process that the ceramic has turned the heritage found in earth into art, and the light found in art into peace.

Dear Friends, the year 2018 has been declared as the Year of Troy by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its inscription on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Troy is one of the rarest and most precious areas in our country declared as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Troy which is an Anatolian Civilization belongs to the whole humanity and gives that whole humanity the responsibility of protection and transmission to the next generations.

During the year 2018, our precious Troy will gain a sustainable potential and meaning in many aspects such as academic, touristic, cultural, historic, artistic, sporty and scientific and this will render back its dynamic presence on these lands.

The opening of the Troy Museum in 2018 where archeological remains excavated from the ancient city ruins of Troy will be displayed, Troy present on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, will not only enhance the touristic value of the city, but also will help our country gain a greater value on the international arena.

Especially, if we manage to get those lost treasures of Troy longtime expatriated   back to the lands where they belong and have them displayed on this museum, we will have the opportunity to get Troy’s pride back.

The year 2018 will be a vehicle for Troy, already known as one of the most important archeological areas in the World to be even better known and acknowledged by a wider population. In this context, my advice to the educationalists and parents of our city will include the lecture of Iliad from Homeros.

As the Mayor of Çanakkale, I wish 2018, the Year of Troy brings our city, our country and our World, peace, reconciliation and tolerance and I invite everyone to come to the city of Peace and Liberty and to feel the Breeze of Troy.

With my Best Regards.

Happy 2018 Year of Troy!


Mayor of Çanakkale